Who are swingers?

Swinging is defined as the exchange of partners solely for sexual purposes. Wife swapping, husband swapping or partner swapping, as a lifestyle of committed relationship including sexual activities with other like-minded couples as one of the libertine activities. In history, the practice of partner exchange has existed. From 1950's the media named this form of behavior as “wife-swapping.” Currently, the term "The Lifestyle" is used and is probably the preferred term among those who practice this.

Why couples swing?

Most common reason for swinging is to improve the passion and physical connection of already working relationship. Couples who are into swinging lifestyle understand that there is love and there is sex. You can truly love one person but can have good sex with many others.

How many swingers there are?

A study by the North American Swing Club Alliance (NASCA) states
that 15 % of couples in the U.S.