About Libertine.Center Libertine.Center


What is Libertine Center?

The place where liberation and sensuality are freely experienced in a unique and classy atmosphere. LC is the social media network for open-minded adults to meet like-minded friends and have fun exploring and creating content in a non-judgmental community. What started as a small personal project has now grown internationally with its genuine feed and local meetups at beautiful, exotic hotspots…

About our background

My wife and I have always been a bit ‘outside the box’, slightly over the borders and sexually very open-minded. Our marriage is based on being open, honest and adventurous and this has hooked many like-minded friends to our life. This is also how we met our partners in the Libertine.Center (LC) project.

Ave and Raido Kulla, founders of Libertine.Center Raido & Ave Kulla - Founders

What motivated us to create this website?

The idea first came to us a couple of years ago when we were on vacation in the Costa del Sol. Like we said before, we are very open-minded and playful, so we decided to look into local lifestyle options. The problem was that there was nowhere to look. Most of the sites that might have had this information were either in local language, outdated, or just scary. It was sad to see, so from there we decided to fix it for good.

What’s the main philosophy around Libertine.Center?

Libertine - extreme form of hedonism, where sexual desires are satisfied without moral and social guilt. Libertines are not ashamed to receive or givesexual pleasures. LC is the ideal place for finding like-minded people, playful locations and events in this erotic world.

How would you describe your audience? Are there couples, single women or men?

LC is social media for adults where we welcome all types of genders. We give the option to sign up as a single male or female, couple or even trans. After selecting their gender, the user will be given a list of account categories. For example: model, photographer, nudist, swinger, voyeur or just curious. This is important for connecting like-minded users. We will never judge anyone, who wants to join our commune, for their sexual preferences.

What are the benefits of the paying subscription?

Users are welcome to explore content but can’t post images or videos. This is due the strict rules of verification. This is important because this way we keep our feed genuine.

Recent statistics show that popular social media sites have 70% of users only consuming content rather creating it. Of course, our hope is that our subscribers become verified users and have fun in the process so that our community will grow.

Libertine.Center portal is special, because…

  • It is free of charge to all verified users.
  • Category-based search engine with additional descriptions to make meeting like-minded people more easier.
  • Unique timeline function that gives the user the content he or she wants to follow.
  • Structured locations, including beaches, resorts, swingers clubs and adult movie theaters.

User verification

We have paid close attention to the portal’s security settings for what we have developed a secure validating system. For this, a user needs to take a photo from his/her face holding a paper with a username. The paper needs to have written @LC on it to confirm the owner of the validator and will avoid any potential identity theft in other portals. Usernames with a green tick ()marks that the user is validated by the portal.

Underage protection

In case there is suspicions the user on the validating photo is a teenager, the user conditions give us the right check the user’s age. For this, we ask the user to send copies of two different documents that confirm the user to be an adult. We have also joined the ASACP (Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection) organization that give a special code that is a certificate that proves the portal to be secure. This helps parental control software systems to detect adult content and ban it completely from their children’s computers. The function can be used, when parents use such software.