About us

What is Libertine Center

Libertine Center (LC) is a social media network for adults. The portal revolves around a libertine or a person, who is free of norms set by the religion, morals and society he or she is living in. It is an extreme form of hedonism with the constant need to fulfill the inner sexual desires and passions. Libertines are not afraid to experience physical pleasures themselves or give that the others. We have created an adult portal, where there is no difference between right or wrong. Our commune tolerates all adult sexual and erotic fantasies and gives them an opportunity to truly express themselves.

How it all started?

LC happened thanks to one crazy couple, who were dreaming about a vacation where they could go skinny dipping at a beach or have a nice walk and dinner in a slightly sexier atmosphere, and through these activities, meet likeminded couples. As there was no such portal on the market that would include all these aspects, an eight-year-long event series took off resulting today in a portal gathering thousands of open-minded adults.

What to expect...

LC is an ideal place for finding like-minded people in this erotic world. LC is for adults with all sorts of sexual interests, may it be swingers, exhibisionists, voyeurs, sugar babies, sugar daddies, bulls, BDSM kinksters, models, nymphomaniacs, strippers, nudists, photographers and everyone else yearning for deep physical pleasure or experiences to spice up their sex life. Sky is the limit for all LC users – we will never judge anyone, who wants to join our commune, for their sexual preferences.

Libertine.Center portal is special, because…

  • It is free of charge to all validated users. As LC is an internet-based commune, it can only function on mutual effort. The user gives a little something to the commune and the commune gives back to the user.
  • We have created a special category-based search engine with additional descriptions to make meeting like-minded people more easier.
  • Libertine.Center provides a unique timeline function that gives the user the content he or she wants to follow. For example, males who do not wish to see the photos of other males, can turn the function off their timeline filter, or likewise, turn it back on.
  • In addition to the users, we have structured the locations, including beaches, hotels, clubs and adult movie theaters.

How to use Libertine.Center portal?

  1. Fill in the profile, select location, learn more about available categories, add a personal description.
  2. Select timeline filters for selecting the content you want to see.
  3. Post photos on the timeline or create an album to make yourself visible to others.
  4. Search for users, read or write in a forum and interact with others.

User verification

We have paid close attention to the portal’s security settings for what we have developed a secure validating system. For this, a user needs to take a photo from his/her face holding a paper with a username. The paper needs to have written @LC on it to confirm the owner of the validator and will avoid any potential identity theft in other portals. Usernames with a green tick marks that the user is validated by the portal.

Underage protection

In case there is suspicions the user on the validating photo is a teenager, the user conditions give us the right check the user’s age. For this, we ask the user to send copies of two different documents that confirm the user to be an adult. We have also joined the ASACP (Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection) organization that give a special code that is a certificate that proves the portal to be secure. This helps parental control software systems to detect adult content and ban it completely from their children’s computers. The function can be used, when parents use such software.