I am a single man who loves spend a part of his hollidays in august in Cap d'Agde. I've been there since 2007 and hope to repeat this 2019. For a lonely man, Cap d'Agde experience can be frustrating because theres is a possibility you go but don't have any chance... Of course is very different if you are a single woman. Although, in my case, every year use to be more intense than the passed seasons -not always, but is the trend- and maybe the reason is I have (they say) a very big cock, 25 cms in erection and maybe 10 cms in a flaccid way; obviously, completely shaved. Of course, I'm very exhibitionist and the first thing I do once I've crossed the Quartier Naturiste's entrance door is undress myself and begin my walking totally nude for the resort ways. Anyway, at last (maybe, but not at least) the main reason because I'm going from Barcelona, where I live, to Cap is the Baie des Cochons. It's a feeling of freedom being sorrounded by people practising sex and having the possibility to masturbate without any danger: wish the whole nudist beaches around the world where the same! Of course, I do this, but not only for myself satisfaction but to exhib myself and take the attention of the women and couples. And sometimes I've got my goal with women opening their pussies and anus and doing the same with me, or another ones who came and say me that they wanted to play my erect dick with her hands or mouth... Or even asked me to fuck their.

I have a lot of stories in Cap d'Agde but one that I remember now happened when I dared to go into the water (it's always very cold) and beside me there was an italian tattooed girl playing with some men. When I saw her, she was offering and exciting view of her pussy lips from behind and, due she was kneeling, I also can see her pretty and opened arsehole while she was sucking another man's dick. The view of this rear excited me a lot so I masturbate my fully erect and hard dick. Suddenly, she turned around and, when saw my penis, went directly to it doing a perfect deep throat. She was forcing her neck with my glands and pumping until she could no more, and at the same time I was at the point to expulse my thick and copious milk. Unfortunately, she left my erect mast before I came, so I returned to my towel and finished the job until exploded.

The italian girl was into a group of two couples. All of them where looking at me at the time of my masturbation after the game into the water, they where maybe thirteen meters from me. After this, the two girls began to play with each other, licking their shaven cunts and anus and introducing the fingers into each others holes. I was looking at that, and was excited again. Then, they finished their games and I decided to return to the water, passing before them. The another girl stopped me and we started to talking for a while. She was a beautiful brunette fith such a beautiful shape and shaven pussy with a thin line trimmed over her pubes. I was in erection in front of her but it doesn't happened nothing and neither into the sea.

But, against in my towel, came the husband of this second girl and told me to go to their home that afternoon to play with the two girls: "imagine, that two ladies only for you", he told me. How I could deny?... He told me their hired a house in Le Jardin d'Eden -I believe- and hope me at seven o'clock.

It was a little bit difficult to found their home, but, at least, I arrived. Sometimes, things are fine but no perfect and in that case it was so. The tattooed girl and her boyfriend doesn't live in the same house, but we were waiting for them, and also, the brunette was sleeping. The husband told me they arrived the same day from Italy and were tired. 10 minutes after my arrival, the brunette girl woke up and came, completely nude -as her husband and me were- to the little garden where we were taking some wine. Her slept expression becomed her even more sexy than in the beach. Her tanned skin, with her beautiful boobs and beautiful little pussy excited me again. She sat beside me and took a cup of wine. I could note that she was looking at my semi-erect big cock when we were talking. After half an hour, and knowing that the other couple would not come, we went into the house. I always want to be kind and never start the game in these situations. So, in the same way I behaviored in a different situation, I asked her where could I leave my bag. She indicates me a corner but, at the same moment, passed her hand over my shaved pubes to take my cock. "Mmm" she said feeling how it was growing. My response to her movement was caress her back from up to down and introduce a finger into the crack between her beautiful bum cheeks, looking for the little hole of her anus that I took superfficially. I wanted that she knew I am a little bit perverted and, after do that, I smell and licked my finger looking at her eyes.

Suddenly, she took my hand and we went to the married room. She lied on bed so fast and opened her tights. She has a very red inner pussy with an excited big clitoris that I licked and sucked. First, my tongue was on her pubes, kissing and licking before going down so carefully to follow with her pussy lips, but avoiding to lick the clitoris and the vaginal cavity. She was moaning of pleasure and her excitation increased when I elevated a little bit more her legs and sucked and licked her brown arsehole, forcing it to introduce my tongue deep into her anus to taste the more secret zone of the women bodies. Then I followed climbing for the perineal area to taste her cunt. It was completely wet and her juices were so sweet, delicious. I fondled my tongue and that juices were recovering my nose in such an intense way that it seems I was crying. The following step belonged to her. She took my 25 cms and hit her face cheeks with the inner opposition of his tongue inside her mouth. These strokes excited me a lot but my excitation increased when she started to swallow my dick. She sucked and licked so strong and, when I left a little drop of precum, she left my dick and kissed my mouth with the will I taste my own liquid. It taste good, mixed with her saliva. After I came, she ate a little bit more my cock but didn't want finish without tasting it into her cunt. So she put on fours and I penetrated her to her more inner parts listening the intense of her cryings while I was destroying her italian pussy. To finish, I pulled out my condom and left a lot of loads of sperm over her back, while her husband did the same. And then, kiss goodnight.

I never met again theses couples, because I left Cap at the following day. But I have another experiences to tell.

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