There was a guy I’d met in the street a few times, and he was going to meet a girl, wanted some moral support. When we got to the coffee shop there was a beautiful bright-eyed girl there and I couldn’t help flirting. I can’t even remember how it happened but we ditched the guy and went for a walk. She was about 18, and I was 25. She liked to take pills and her father was a doctor, so she would steal them from his office. We hung out a lot and before long we were fooling around. African father and caucasian mother, she had a mop of super curly dark hair, a button nose, and caramel skin. Her arse was a peach, and she had small full round tits with proud dark nipples. In the haze of the opiates she stole from her father we could stare at each other for hours. Her glistening eyes, and that arse!! She liked to sleep around but we didn’t really talk about that, just every now and again she would turn up and undress. I would light some candles and roll a joint...eventually I had to move from the house I’m been crashing in, the owners needed it, so I moved in with a woman and lost touch with brown-sugar.

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