I’d been out drinking. I stopped in at the cafe to visit a friend on the late shift. There was a girl there cutting out shapes and gluing them to a board for an art assignment. She was one of those super sensual full-figured girls with big pouty lips and strong thighs. I can’t remember what we talked about, I just remember the feeling that she wanted something. With me helping she finished her work and we went for a beer. In the bar we sat right next to the dance floor and she started kissing me. She wanted everyone to see, or maybe just someone to see. She put on a real show, baring her thighs, letting her tits ride up so her ample cleavage was visible, and rubbing herself against me. We went back to hers and her naked body was everything I expected. Perfectly groomed, a pierced clit, perfect tan. I knew this girl liked her sex a lot, and liked a lot of sex. And it was great sex. Silky smooth full skin, every part of her a handful of joy.

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