I had done a bit of work for this guy, project managing really, and we enjoyed a drink or ten, that is how we became friends. It was one night when we’d been drinking I learned about his twisted side. We were back at a house he owned and two women turned up. I fucked one while he and the other fooled around, but it was the second I really wanted. It didn’t take long for me to turn my attentions to her, and buddy didn’t seem to care, she had a perfect body and she wanted it big time. She sucked my cock while he fucked her, then she sucked him while I fucked her. After a few combinations I went into the next room to drink a beer, and pretty soon she followed me, really horny and hot.

I fucked quite a few women while he watched over the next few months, that was his thing, watching and women who really enjoyed sex. I don’t know where he found them, And one time we even shared a friend of mine, after a funeral of all things. She had a bright red natural bush and pale ivory skin, and I came all over that sweet pink pussy. Nothing like a little death to fire up the libido.

Anyway, some people grow up and move on, and some if us just keep on looking for more fun.