We meet for a drink but something felt wrong. She seemed upset somehow. There was an injustice, but it would soon be clear that she was not going to confront the issue. We talked and she told me that she was polyamorous, or rather she was sleeping with her boss, and he  was not concerned with any intimacy other than that of the genitals, so she was free to have lovers. In a few hours we found ourselves on the balcony of her apartment, me admiring the magnificent view of the city below, and her sucking my dick furiously. She was not enjoying herself all that much, she seemed sad. Maybe she wanted to avenge herself on the heartless boss, maybe she new he had others and couldn’t stand to be alone with that thought. I suggested we go to bed. We slept in each other’s arms, and in the morning, after fooling around some more, we had breakfast on the balcony. Breakfast was nice. We smiled and laughed; she had made it through another night. We didn’t meet again.

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