Just a story. At a get-together last evening and a girl came and sat next to me. She started talking to me, told me where she is from, what she is doing in the city, and she was pretty; too young for me though I thought, but nice. As we sat talking I began to notice her insistence. She had sat next to me because she wanted to, she wasn’t just chatting to me to be polite, she wanted me to look at her. In a moment she sat up straight and arced her back so that her pointy tits showed through her tight t-shirt, and she caught my eye; held my gaze until she knew I had felt desire in that moment. She let me take my time to look her in the eye, to admire the glistening amber of her almond shaped eyes. For whatever reason she wanted to be next to me and share in this feeling of desire. As she rose to go she turned in front of my eyes and I could admire her shape, I could let the idea of her hips enter my imagination. She will not quickly fade, and I will see her again.

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