She was a bit of a goof-ball. Thick glasses, awkward, shabby clothes. I was living in an abandoned building, sleeping on a fold-out couch that was there when I got there. There was rubbish everywhere, abandoned factory equipment, office supplies, and dust. Turned out she was as freaky as me. She can’t have showered in a week, her unshaved pussy smelt strong and musky through her pants. By the time she had her clothes off I was as hard as a rock. Underneath the baggy shirt and ill-fitting jeans she was beautiful. A superb figure, and soft skin. We fell all over each other on the rickety couch, and were soon in a clinch; my hard penis deep inside her warm vagina. We just smiled at each other and kissed and wriggled until we came together. We lay there with our limbs entangled and fell asleep for an hour or so. When we woke up we kissed some more and went back into the street looking for some weed or a beer.

Le_Pigeon_Volant on uplust.

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