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We just got back from another trip and I’d like to share a short summary of our trip with you, too. For a few years already our close friends have talked about a small village in Southern France named Naturist Village of Cap d’Agde. They said that we should definitely visit the village. “Who hasn’t been there, doesn’t know what libertine lifestyle really is about,” they said. Cap d’Agde is a naturist village where people are enjoying being almost or completely nude. As it is known for its liberative vibe, it has become appealing also to swingers, who have sort of invaded the area. Despite the differences, both nudists and swingers, coexist very well in that area and that results in a libertine village or even so-called libertine center.

Cap d’Agde is not only a place for “naughty” couples like us but also for nudist families who enjoy being naked at the public beach. It truly is a special place and if we wouldn’t have known what we were about the experience beforehand, it all would’ve taken our breath away in an instance. But we were prepared, and we were prepared for the craziest things.

Moulin Rouge Paris
Naughty Moulin Rouge view

Our first stop was Paris and it would’ve been a shame not to take a photo in front of Moulin Rouge. Birgit is a bold woman and it is not a problem for her to show her naked body parts out in the public. So, you might probably understand why those famous Paris sightseeing spots seemed a little boring to us. As always we take two types of photos of one caption while we’re traveling: one for our classified naughty album and the other for our families.

From Paris we flew to Montpellier which seemed the most direct stop when travelling to Cap d’Agde. The flight from Paris to Montpellier took a bit over an hour and from there, we took a train to Cap d’Agde. We calculated different routes and transportation means, but in the end, taking the train seemed the best option. In Cap d’Agde, we traveled with an Uber which for us seemed the best option for sightseeing.

The initial plan was to stay there for 5 nights, but they slightly changed, and we were able to stay for another night. We landed quite late in the evening and got to our apartment a few hours before midnight. We were welcomed by the house owner, a very nice and polite woman, who in fact, was wearing clothes.

In reality, all the people in Cap d’Agde are most of the daytime not wearing anything, but this is NOT AN OBLIGATION! People traveling there know what sort of place the village is and believe me, they in general want to be naked, but only if they prefer to. There are a few rules however, one applying to all servants in restaurants, stores, cafes and jobs that actually consists of client services. They do need to wear clothes during working hours. That was the case with our house owner too, who was wearing clothes when she checked us in into the house but she was completely naked, when we met her the day after. Despite that we knew what sort of place Cap d’Agde is, it was a surprise for us to see her the next day without a shirt and a bra.

Studio Naturiste Cap d'Agde
Good morning

That doesn’t happen in a lot of places and for us, it was definitely a positive surprise. To be noted, while she was topless, me and Birgit weren’t wearing anything and that was totally fine by us. Our apartment was located close to the port area and the view from our balcony is seen on the photo. The village was very convenient to get by – everything was in a walking distance. For us, Cap d’Agde Studio Naturiste apartment where we stayed at, had the perfect location and more important, the price was compared to various high-maintenance accommodations was very reasonable. We know there are also other housing options, such as villas and small houses, but apartment it seemed the best option for us this time.

Swingers in Cap d'Agde
First night out

We spent our first night discovering the village a little bit and found a bar with a music that we liked. There was quite a party that night, but we took it very calm and the majority of the night we simply wanted to rest from our flight. In the morning we headed to the local beach. Our friends have talked so much about Cap d’Agde beach and now it was time to see the madness for ourselves. As only a month before we were in Marbella and visited four different nudist beaches, then this was a logical continuation to our summer.

The picture that opened up: beautiful and long sandy beach with naked people. Who is going there for the first time, I’d like to give some recommendations and hints where to go and where certain sections are located. If you enter the beach from the middle, then this is solely for nudists, where you can find nudist families with their kids. If you are someone similar to us looking for some action, then you should head on to the left side of the beach until you reach Paralia Beach Club. There starts the libertine area with sun shades covered with swinger commercials and if you’re lucky, you might also see some sexy happenings. To be honest, we were ready for more “serious” happenings. We only saw one couple having sex and that was about it. If you spend there the entire day, you will probably see a bit more, but we were not in the beach mood that day. If you really seek for attention, I recommend creating a small playroom area and ask other naughty couples to join you, or if you want to be in the center of attention, you can also stay there and give others a nice show. You will have some people staring at you, that’s for sure. The good thing about these places is that no one will come and join or touch you if you haven’t given them the permission. And you always have to take into consideration that there are single men with a hidden camera, which means your public show might get some men a handful of sperm explosions later on in the evening, either seeing it on a film tape or visualizing it in their heads.  ‘Eh, and so what,’ we tend to think of such situations. If that’s their highlight of the day, then so may be. Internet is full of all sorts of material anyway.

Kamasutra Club Cap d'Agde
Grilled Chicken & Kamasutra

After we had taken the beach tour, we went to the center area of the village to get some lunch. Every person who has ever visited Cap d’Agde, has probably eaten the grilled chicken and I guarantee that once you have tried it, you will definitely want some more. It was also the first time for us to dine out naked. Birgit had taken her bag with her which she distinctively put on the table. The content of the bag was the same as you can see from the photo: vibrator, condoms, contact cards and mobile phones. To be honest, bag is a vital element when walking around in the village, because otherwise you don’t have any pockets to put your belongings. The grilled chicken place is very easily found and is located exactly next to Kamasutra club. We knew a little bit about Kamasutra club already before as a couple that we know had been there few weeks before. They love to organize various happenings and that’s what they did there also. They sent us a few photos and allowed to share it with you, too. Kamasutra in general is a place to chill out during daytime. An ideal place if you don’t have a pool at your hotel area. Nice music, beautiful pool and a lot of room for having a drink or simply relax. After our lunch we also went to see the Kamasutra club. There were all sorts of people and a few of them very attractive. Despite of that we didn’t met anyone intimately. The club also has an inside spa area where some sexy shows happen from time to time. There are some private rooms and also some public ones for the ones who enjoy attention or a large orgy. Also, options to enjoy spa conveniences in the jacuzzi or simply spend time within everyone else having sex around you. The place was quite popular among single men so definitely recommend it to females or couples who’d like to experience more than one man at once. But there weren’t only men. We also saw many couples playing with each other and if you would like to offer some extra help, then definitely recommend paying a visit.

Paralia Cap d'Agde Village Naturiste
Our dinner

It was night time and after our dinner we decided to go to a party at Paralia Beach Club. We danced so much and also met many interesting people. International crowd is definitely the ones that makes Cap d’Agde a cool place to visit. There were people from all sorts of countries, and we started to realize what our friends meant when they talked about the village.

New day and we already knew there were one foam party coming up and it seemed like we should go there, too. In fact, it was one of the parties my friends thought I would like. I admit, one of my two weaknesses are water and club music, and third, attractive people, which means that the foam party, i.e. La Mousse Party, really was a paradise for me.

Naughty Mousse parties Cap d'Agde
Ready for Mousse

Believe it or not, my list got all the three boxes ticked and also a fourth one, which I couldn’t foresee – sex by the pool. Can you imagine! There is a place on this wonderful earth where people dance in the pool and the naughty ones are having sex right next to the pool. It was an incredible feeling to be in the center of the party. Me and Birgit had always dreamt of such event. We don’t like dark clubs, because we really like to see the people around us. I can’t stand conservative people who aren’t bold enough to step up and have fun. As everyone were already naked, the first step had already been taken and no one wasn’t holding back! This place is definitely not for the conservative ones. It was normal in the pool for someone to grab your cock or boobs or hug you with a hard-on. All these things and more happen in the pool. At that party we decided we’re going to all similar parties in the future. They organize them in various locations and all our favorites were the ones organized in Babylon club.

We attended a few other swinger parties too, but one of them was so exploited by one of our competitive portal’s advertisements that made it a little uncomfortable for us to be there. And one other, the Eden’s party was a little too mild for us. Of course, tastes vary and our opinion doesn’t have to be the one everyone agrees. To talk more about hotel areas, then we stayed at Eden’s hotel too, and that was probably the last time, as the price and quality ratio was not accurate. One night at Eden’s was around 400-450 euros and that was a little too much for us. We did have a private terrace with a view to the pool, where people once in a while were having sex and also a party at the pool area which partly happened on our terrace, but you can use all this area if you stay at another hotel, too. Our first apartment where we stayed was only 10 minutes walking distance away and significantly cheaper. Thus, the next time we visit Cap, we already know where we will be staying. 

Swingers Cap d'Agde Village Naturiste
Belguim Beauty & Evil Barbie

One night we ended up at a private party. In the beginning of our trip, we met one very cool couple from Belgium who became, also our main friends throughout the trip. Thanks to them we attended one awesome apartment party where only selected people were invited. The hosts were a couple from Sweden – the man looked like Brad Pitt and the woman like a Swedish model. Tall, thin, blonde and with large breasts, who could definitely work as a model. I don’t have a photo of her, but she was one of the hottest women we met at our trip.

The apartment party was an experience on its own. There were around 10 people, none of them knew each other. All in all, we had a great party and if we had more energy, we would’ve had a lot of sex. In addition to that party we could’ve attended two similar events, but our physical condition just didn’t support our desires. Imagine being at the beach the whole day, after that attending a foam party, then directly to a dinner, nightclub and then to some other private parties. I wouldn’t say 35 and 38 are old ages, but we simply couldn’t step up to that schedule.

Nudist Beach Cap d'Agde
Her new dress

If any one of you is thinking right now whether we even had sex or were simply hanging around, then calm down, we did have sex, but we both admit the mental pleasures were much more important than physical ones. For example, we went to a very stylish and elegant swinger club Glamour. Birgit had bought a new night dress that didn’t leave anyone unnoticed. One side note: if you are looking for sexy clothes, don’t buy anything online or some store in Paris, because Cap d’Agde is a shopping paradise for sexy and revealing clothes. If we only had an extra hand luggage, we would’ve bought an entirely new wardrobe for Birgit.

Back to our night in Glamour. I don’t know if it was us or the place, but it just didn’t offer anything to us. Beautiful and very cozy club but as we went there a bit later on in the evening, there were no people. I’m pretty sure it was us, because the place itself was stylish and if there were a bit more people, we probably would’ve had a great night. So, I think we got there at the wrong time. So, I recommend checking out the place on your own.

Glamour Club Cap d'Agde Swinger Wife
Glamour here we come

As we stayed in Cap for a short time, then I’m sure we only got to know the tip of the iceberg of the village. Based on the stories we’ve heard and what we saw, one week simply wasn’t enough time to grasp it all in.

Our last pool party was the most memorable though. We went there as an experienced couple as we already knew where and what is located. By the pool, there were numerous couples we already knew and couples we had never seen, which also added some extra swing to it all. Birgit gave me a small toy that we call Mr Pinky, which by the way, got the name from our trip to Romania, where one hot couple was using a similar one and we kind of copy pasted the idea from them. The toy turned into a revolutionary item for me. I was dancing by the pool with a wine glass in one hand and Mr Pinky in the other, and believe it or not, pleasing one woman after another. One of the most memorable moments was when that same Swedish model was sitting by the pool with her legs in the water and enjoying the music. I went up to her and offered to play with her and she agreed. Let’s just say it was so amazing to see her face behind sunglasses to get filled with pleasure and her body to start shaking from the hard orgasm she just received. That mental pleasure you can give someone such an orgasm is so fulfilling that my own desire to stick my cock into her tight pussy didn’t have any meaning anymore. In addition to that Swedish model, Mr Pinky gave an orgasm to five more women, but few times we had to surrender, because some women were just unpleasable. I am more than sure however that the foreplay we gave them culminated in multiple orgasms later on in a hotel room or god knows where.

To conclude all this, I strongly recommend visiting Cap d'Agde, I simply can’t describe it all in one blog post. The most important things to bring out to those who have never been there before:

·      How to get there? We flew on Paris-Montpellier route, took a train to Cap d’Agde and an Uber from the station to the village.

·      Where to stay? There are a lot of options, but we recommend an apartment, because the hotel room prices were very high and small houses aren’t our thing.

·      Do you have to be naked? Not everyone is naked, and you don’t have to be naked. People are usually naked at the beach, but when going out dining or shopping, they wear clothes.

·      What to do and where to go? Depends, but when reading our blog post, I recommend going to the foam parties. But please, go and explore on your own!

·      How much did it cost? The same recommendation as I described about the places. If you have money to spend, enjoying the restaurants, bars, cafes. If you want to save up, buy groceries from a supermarket and cook at home. Cap d’Agde is affordable to all of us. You only need to plan your expenditures.

·      What to take with you? A suitcase to fit all the cool and sexy clothes you’re about to shop in the village. But all in all, some evening clothes to wear at the parties.

In short, Cap d’Agde is a paradise, a true libertine center full of people from all over the world enjoying all the naughty things you can imagine in your wildest dreams. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Visit our social media platform, Libertine.Center, find us by the username 2in1couple and follow us to join or enjoy our future adventures.

Kisses, hugs and until next time…

Hotel Eden Cap d'Agde Village Naturiste
Naughty Wife Kamasutra Cap d'Agde
Our First Aid Kit
Village Naturiste Cap d'Agde Partie Girl
Night out 
Eden Hotel Cap d'Agde Village Naturiste
View from our Eden balcony
Studio Naturiste Cap d'Agde
Studio Naturiste first night 
Studio Naturiste Cap d'Agde Port Nature
View from Studio Naturiste
Swinger Wife Shopping in Cap d'Agde
Just a regular Shoping



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