The reason I haven’t posted much anything lately doesn’t mean we have been sitting at home doing nothing. Far from it! After our modest honeymoon swinger cruise, we have traveled to three countries and had some domestic adventures, too. We tend to enjoy swinger adventures in average twice a month and this probably make us relatively active swingers. As we have become more experienced and used to our hobby, I would focus on one particular adventure that deserves more attention than others.

View from our balcony

I’m not sure if I can call our trip a vacation anymore, because as I have mentioned, we have been involved with one lifestyle project lately, which means everything connected to it has become part of our everyday life. Despite of that, we do enjoy traveling around, attend various events and get the chance to meet new people. The adventure I wanted to share with you took place in Marbella, Spain. We wanted to visit as many nudist beaches and local swinger clubs as possible. When we usually travel on our own or with a girlfriend of ours, then this time we traveled with a couple we know and one naughty girlfriend.

Playa Costa Natura

As a warm-up we decided to visit a nudist beach Playa Costa Natura located in Estepona and for our girlfriend it was the first time visit to a nudist beach. Being slightly shy about it at first, she soon dropped off her panties and later we were somehow forced to take her back to home. When I think about it now, it felt as if she was born for it, because she didn’t seem uncomfortable at all. Truth to be told, it is a very liberating feeling to strip your clothes and feel comfortable being naked in a public place without people staring at you with a weird face. Of course there are single men gazing women and couples with their eyes, but they are harmless and nobody comes and gropes you. Let them enjoy the show and be open about it. We also met few new interesting couple to whom we introduced our social media project. All in all, we had a very nice and erotic day. At some point, the girls also decided to take some teasing photos by the sea, and this was definitely a moment to remember.

Just another day in "office"

After our beach day we went for a dinner at Matahambre  - the best tapas restaurant in Marbella. From there we headed to the one and only swingers club called Wicked Club. Location-wise it was very close to the Marbella city center and it suited for us very well as we could take a walk. Compared to the swinger clubs we’ve visited before, Wicked was not hidden. Large signs by the main entrance doors communicated very well what sort of club it is. It's literally writen on to the window - "It's good to be naughty!"

Main area with naughty cage ...

We entered into a very wide room with all sorts of fun details. The first item I noticed was a large empty cage in where my imagination put a beautiful woman dancing :) There was also a DJ booth and next to it a bar. There weren’t much people, (the time of our visit the club was open for it's 4th month), some were sitting close to each other looking at the people on the dance floor. We took some shots complemented with the ticket. At this point, everyone was quite polite - wearing clothes, as if they were partying at a regular night club.

The host offered us a tour and we decided to follow her. Next to the bar there was a room decorated according to 50 Shades of Grey movie –  there was a large bed in the center of the room sided with a gloryhole area.

To those who do not know what gloryhole is – it is a wall with small holes in it, where a man can stick his penis through and the person on the other side of the wall can play with it - touch it, lick it and do whatever pleasures she or he wants to. In my mind it is perfect for beginners because of the wall between - it gives you a sense of security. Birgit is not a fan of gloryhole, so we didn’t stop there for long. Next, we entered into the Spa area where we had to take our clothes off. First thing I noticed was jacuzzy for at least 6 people. I was tempted to jump in, but we decided to take the house tour beforehand.

DJ's corner

The rooms we saw after that got even more interesting. One room for instance, had a double bed and a very large mirror. I believe many people would enjoy having sex in front of a mirror ang gaze various body parts and face expressions

But this mirror wasn’t a regular one, it was a see-through mirror, so on the other side of the mirror people could sit on the couch and look what the people in the room are doing. It felt like a scene from a crime movie where the criminals are observed by detectives. When we moved on, I noticed our favorite - a room with a bed that would fit at least 6 couples. Cherry on top of the cake were the showers. This club got absolutely everything we needed! It was time to focus on our evening, so we headed back to the dance floor, where one beautiful girl had gotten a little naughty and was dancing around without a shirt. We decided with Birgit and our girlfriend to try out the Fifty Shades of Grey room and others went to test out the gloryhole. After some fun in the shades room, I decided to go to the jacuzzi. Birgit didn’t want to join me, and I understand her – for women it’s not easy to put on make-up and do their hair and get it ruined within minutes in the water. She chose our girlfriend and went to enjoy a massage. After some relaxation, we went to the bar and met an interesting couple. It turned out, it was their first time trying out the libertine lifestyle and also the first swinger’s club they’ve ever been to. We talked about each other a little bit and suggested them to be open minded with each other to avoid any confusion in the future. As they said they only came there to meet new people and get the idea what this lifestyle is all about, we didn’t invite them anywhere further. Birgit was tired and she didn’t had energy to visit another playroom.

Fifty Shades of ...

All of a sudden, the same guy walked up to me and said they’re heading to the playroom area and asked could I join them in 10 minutes. I invited Birgit to come with me, but she told me to go by myself and show the couple the magic. To be honest, our relationship has gotten so open lately that we have decided that it’s strong enough for us to enjoy these adventures separately, too. I waited for a few minutes as they asked me and then followed them to the playroom area. I instantly noticed them kissing in the corridor. It was the moment of truth – will they say no, thank you or will something else happen…

Our friends found gloryhole ;)

I walked to them and asked politely how they are. The very moment the woman grabbed me and stuck her tongue in my mouth, wow! That was the first time that any couple would be so straightforward with me. Usually it takes a little bit of time to warm up, but as you can see, there are exceptions. In addition, both of them were very attractive and as the green light was on, it would’ve been a shame to miss it. While kissing the woman, I also checked whether everything is alright with the man, and everything seemed cool. They were touching each other while we were making out and I also touched the woman. At one point we decided to move on to a private playroom. I laid down and the woman grabbed my penis and put her lips around it. At the same time, the man was licking her pussy that seemed very enjoyable to her as I felt her teeth on my penis at some point. It seemed as if they had done it before, because there was no shame or care that I was there with my hard cock in her mouth. She sucked me with such an appetite, that I was so close to cum. If her husband wouldn’t have directed me between her legs, I would’ve finished into her mouth. We swapped positions and the husband started fucking her pretty face and I pushed my hard pulsating cock into her wet warm pussy. She was so wet and ready for sex and I pressed my cock deeper and deeper inside her. Although I didn’t see her face, because she had other things to do while I fucked her, but the deeper I pushed my cock, the louder she moaned. I touched her breasts and started moving faster. The husband got so pumped up from our MMF action that there was a slight chance of the woman getting choked as his cock was deep in her mouth. It must have been a fantasy of both of them since her pussy was tightening so much that I couldn't hold myself anymore. I came hard and long into her dripping pussy. I have to admit she seemed a little disappointed that I was done. I offered to stay and watch them play with each other, and they seemed to like the idea. I had taken a new step in my life – I had just fucked with one couple and was touching the same woman who was being fucked hardly by his own man.

Groupsex lovers dream

I enjoyed my moment of voyeurism and it did not take long while I was hard again. I decided to stick my sperm covered cock into her mouth again, and she started sucking it. Oh, she was hungry – she literally swallowed my dick! His husband got tired of fucking her and offered her eager pussy to me. She sat on me and guided my hard member trough her slippery pussy lips. Apparently, she loved to take charge and that was very exciting for me too. The husband got bolder and thought it’s now a good idea to try out double penetration. That was exactly the advice I was talking about before – to talk to each other what they like and what not. The woman clearly didn’t like the idea and got even a little upset. I thought okay, that was the end, but the man respected the woman’s decision and gave up. The woman continued riding on me and I came in a very short time again. I was surprised, because I never thought the two of them will be the wildest couple in the club. So that was our last experience at Marbella’s swinger’s club. It was a very modern and stylish club. I’m not talking on behalf of others, but me and Birgit would definitely go back there again.


In addition to the swinger club experience, we also visited four different naturist beaches during our trip. In addition to Playa Costa Natura in Estepona we visited Playa Cabopino next to Elviria, Playa Nudista Benalnatura in Benalmadena and Naturist beach Playamarina in Mijas Costa. Exceptionally memorable was Playa Nudista Benalnatura, where we met a lot of new people. When we got there, our girlfriend took off her bra but left her panties on. After some time, a woman came and asked her to take her panties off. That was something new to us – someone directly asking to get naked, but as it was the official nudist beach, it was a respectful thing to do. At that beach, we also met more nudists than swingers. On the other hand, at Naturist beach Playamarina we met quite a lot of swinger couples. It was also me and Birgit’s favorite beach because the beach area wasn't too big or too small and there is a great beach bar with authentic Spanish food.

All the beaches we visited were different in their own way and when living close by, it doesn’t take much time to visit them all. We recommend visiting them all and pick your own favorite. In addition to Wicked Club we also visited two swinger’s club that didn’t unfortunately bring any positive emotions. I wouldn’t say there was something wrong with them, but as we don’t speak Spanish, the communication was quite difficult for us.

It doesn’t matter how long you travel you still feel like it wasn’t enough and that’s how I also felt this time. Fortunately, we were lucky to experience very exciting and fun moments at our trip.

Our next adventure takes us to Southern France, to the famous Cad d’Agde. Stay tuned and follow us in Libertine.Center 
The locations of the beaches and clubs are found on Libertine.Center under "Where to go" section. Feel free to share this blog with it's original source.


Just a regular shoping day
Puerto Banús
Pretty wheel & of course ...
Spa area with jacuzzi
Locker room
Glory hole
Glory hole backstage
50 Shades room 
Magic room ...
same room from other way ;)
No idea who is this guy ;)


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