It is time to write down a few words again. Summer was relatively calm for us as we attended rather small evening bashes and sexy weekends than larger swinger events. The biggest event this summer was the Wildclub birthday party, that didn’t differ much from the previous ones. We did meet a very cool couple, but in terms of new acquaintances, that was as exciting as it got. And of course, some familiar couples in the club were already waiting for us, being very eager to enjoy some mischievous moments together.

Perhaps visit to Wildclub birthday party wasn’t that appealing to me and Birgit as we both knew our upcoming trip would be little more exciting than the good old Wildclub.

It was the fourth time visiting this exciting place and for now I am sure we will soon be back there again. The place is, of course, Ibiza. A place where we both feel more ourselves than anywhere else. Every little piece of that island feels like it is meant for us.

She found her Portugese friend  :)

We adore those beautiful beaches free of all rules and principles and more than anything we love these open-minded and sexy people that are part of Ibiza’s DNA.

The trip we are currently talking about varied a little from the previous ones as we partly already knew what to expect. When our previous adventures in Ibiza happened relatively randomly, then this time we knew we were going to a certain adult event.  

During the past years, our network of friends and acquaintances has gotten big enough to receive secret information about swinger parties. This year, me and Birgit got a chance to participate in an international party organized by a couple from Spain. The initial idea was to organize a swinger season closing party in Ibiza and the number of participants was very limited, up to 40 couples and we were one of the lucky ones!

 Nam-nam ...

 Couple of weeks before the event we got to  see the guest list and the photos of the guests. At first, we thought it is a scam or a big misunderstanding, but given it some thought, we knew we couldn’t miss this opportunity. Let’s just say, these guests were carefully selected and most of them were in such great physical shape and looked that they had walked straight out of a model agency. Later we found out there were around 50 more couples that also wanted to participate but were too late or didn’t fit in.

Saturday at 12PM we were told to meet with other couples in a villa in Ibiza for a pool party and other sexy adventures. We were there precisely at time and because we didn’t know anyone beforehand, the first minutes were relatively awkward.

Birgit & her Italian girlfriend  ;)

Fortunately, a cool Italian couple came to mingle with us and to our great pleasure, the woman was a former model. “Former” isn’t the correct word to use here as she was looking still looking so damn stunning! Both of them were very attractive and thanks to them, we got along with the rest of the group much better. The venue itself wasn’t as we first pictured, but there was nothing to complain about either. We probably had seen too many sexy pool party movies and videos that got our expectations too high. Despite of that, everything was organized professionally, we had a high-class catering service with a bar offering a large variety of drinks. The working staff were with us only at the beginning and left after some time. I believe the experience would have been too much for them.

 One damn lucky Flamingo ...

The villa included special playrooms that were used for all sorts of sexy activities. In a short time, people loosened up and we got a chance to get acquainted with many couples. There were people from all around the world and communication got difficult during some moments as not all of them spoke English.

Verbal language on the other hand is never an obstacle and when there is enough interest, you understand the other person without actually saying anything. Birgit was bold than most of the people and she was also one of the first ones to be swimming in the bool half-naked. It didn’t take much time when she was joined by the beautiful Italian ex-model. The two of them playing in the pool gave the rest of the group quite some images to gaze at. Within time, people started to get more bold and passionate.

 Little naughty bunnies ...

At some point we were taken to a playroom by a certain group who decided to start playing with each other. As every member of this group was appealing to us, we didn’t think long to join them. And it didn’t take much time to undress, considering the fact we were already half-naked. In a moment flash, the room was filled with naked people looking for a suitable partner. The hot flirtation scene didn’t leave leave anyone standing without a boner or wet pussy. Differently from all previous parties, there was no one who didn’t participate in this sexy group act. There isn’t usually much time to observe people to actually see who does what with whom and within time, we have also given each other room to enjoy ourselves.

 NAUGHTY bunnies :)

Birgit also knows how to stand for herself and that is how we got “acquainted” with many new people. My first choice was that Italian model who was, to get more in detail, very horny and active.

From the playroom we moved back to the pool and in the meantime, some of the guests decided to do a little photoshoot. Some of the images I will share with you too, but understandably, there isn’t much decent content to share with the public.

Birgit found a very convenient spot at the pool and was joined by lot of other people. During this particular party, me and Birgit managed to spend time also separately. At one point I started talking with a girl from Norway, who wasn’t Birgit’s taste at all. I however felt I needed a hot Norwegian adventure so after getting a permission from Birgit we went to a separate room to enjoy ourselves.

People really are different. Her male partner had warned me beforehand that she loves pain and punishment during sex, which is a topic unknown to me and Birgit. We have had experience with people who get great pleasure from punishment, but we personally do not enjoy it. She was one of those girls that loves the pain, so I tried to please her and spanked her a few times. It was unusual to see how she smiled after getting spanked and to receive a powerful orgasm in a very short time. After this experience, I can say I got to know that Norwegian girl very well.

 Ushuaia "Ants"

Time flew and in the evening our plan was to visit one of the most well-known club event in Ibiza called “Ants”. There was a lot of people and two private suites booked only for us with drinks, snacks and playroom areas. We were very exhausted by the evening which is why we decided not to stay long and get some well-deserved sleep.

Pure beauty ...

The next day was full of adventures, too. There was a separate Whatsapp chat for the whole group and not all of the guests left the island yet. There were many couples who wanted to hang out together in the evening, so we ended up with one Spanish couple, who had an apartment in Ibiza. The woman didn’t speak any English, but we still managed to communicate. Everything went very fast and in a short time, the four of us were in bed enjoying ourselves and each other. I managed to upset Birgit with being able to have sex 3 hours in a row, which

  Look at the beautiful sky !!!

doesn’t happen that often, but some nights are just made for sex marathons. We however decided to end the night and get some sleep.

The next day, our new friends organized a trip to private places that tourists usually don’t get to see. When the weather would have been less windy, we would have gone with a boat but as the waves were quite heavy we decided to travel by car. They took us to one area of the island where we had never been before. It was the perfect place to take out my camera and take some sexy photos. We got a great photoshoot and here is one image for you to enjoy.

 Bullit de Peix

After the photoshoot, we went to a late lunch/ early dinner in a fish restaurant. The place was absolutely amazing and the food super delicious. I admit I have never enjoyed seafood that much, the dish photo speaks for itself.


I admit the fish doesn’t look that delicious in the sea but tasted super good on the plate.

After that delicious meal we went to a small “boat hut” that was mainly meant for relaxing and shade from the sun. We went for a swim and as the whole area was relatively private we got rid of our clothes and continued with steaming adventures. We soon moved with our sun loungers to the shade area and had sex on them. I have to admit it wasn’t very convenient, but we honestly couldn’t fight that sexual temptation inside us.

Small bite ...

There was nothing to complain about – skinny dipping in the sea, looking right across to the restaurant we just had dinner at and enjoying time with a fun couple who took us to places we never would have seen. We were also told we are always welcome back in that restaurant, but we gave a promise not to reveal the name of the restaurant, because they want to keep tourists away from it.

What a view ...

So, we’re very sorry, but we cannot tell you where it is located! Back to our boat hut moment, when the sun had turned us all on and we simply couldn’t keep our hands off from each other.

 "Helper" Birgit :D

Here is also one example of a way to enjoy wild nature, where Birgit is the so-called “helper” holding the man’s hand during the other couple’s sexual intercourse.

Considering we had started our day pretty early and that it was our last day in Ibiza, we decided to get some rest and go back to our hotel.

During this trip we are happy we got to swim naked in the sea multiple times and that is truly one activity we both enjoy very much. During the second day we went to our favourite beach where clothes are strongly recommended to be taken off. We did couple of shots there too, because in Estonia, we all know it isn’t that simple. Although in Pärnu there is a nudist beach, everyone understands it is not quite like it.

In a conclusion, we had the most amazing Ibiza trip and all these people we met there are already inviting us to various places and events. This year’s most exciting adventure is yet still ahead and we both are looking forward to it. As always, we are not going to give any hints beforehand and our thoughts will be shared with you guys in the end of the year. In the meantime, we will enjoy the traditional Himos trip and before that, we will be organizing our own event in Estonia. About all of this, of course, after our adventures. Until then, me and Birgit wish you a sexy autumn time and we hope you will not forget to escape from every-day routine from time to time!

and the story continues ...

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