It’s been a month since our last Ibiza trip and nothing remarkable has happened regarding our enjoyable hobby. Shortly before the trip we met a lovely girl online, but we didn’t get the time to meet her. But a few weeks ago, we went for a coffee and she came over to our place. It went how it usually does when people find each other attractive. Birgit was very naughty, and the girl got a great first swinger experience with us. First in terms of she not having an experience with a couple before.

No words needed ...


Girls compare their boobs :)

In my last post, I wrote about a little event that I’d like to talk about a little more. We haven’t experienced such an interesting swinger weekend before for sure. On our last trip, we had many interesting events but this one fit into only two days. It was a swinger get-together in Himos that we were invited to on many Wildclub parties. The idea is as following: many open-minded couples and also single people rent cottages in Himos and organize small gatherings. Our Finnish mökki with two separate bedrooms and sleeping places for four people in an open room on the balcony became a short home for altogether eight people.

The gang was gathered by couples recommended to us by people we know as our friends’ houses were already full. It was a little nerve-wrecking to imagine with whom we would be sharing our house, but it all went very well. We got actually pretty lucky, because the vibe between the couples was so great that at some point there were people giving pleasure in between to all. Thus, a perfect match for us! The event was planned on four days but me and Birgit decided to join for three days. To think back at it, we regret a little that we didn’t get there a day before.

 Me and Birgit planned this event as part of my birthday celebrations, because my birthday fell a few days ahead. We mentioned to our friends that on Friday there was a small birthday get-together with coffee and cake. We got there a little earlier than others and had time to prepare for it. Some more active people had organized various gatherings that helped to meet new people. For example, on Friday we met with people at a local bar. There were so many people that even fitting in was relatively difficult. To talk about numbers, there were approximately 250 open-minded people who took time to meet up during the event in Himos. That is a lot, especially to compare it to year 2013, where there were only 30 people.

 We met with some people we had seen in Wildclub and it was also a good chance to check out other people. There were younger and older people and some, in theoretically speaking, could have met their grandparent or grandchild there. Swinger lifestyle is something that doesn’t set limits on age. Why should it – sex is a normal part of our lives. Some people just are more attractive and open-minded and for these people, such gatherings are ideal!

After the event at the bar we decided to head back to the house as the people we had invited to celebrate my birthday were about to arrive. Other couples had gotten there too, so we got a chance to meet them shortly. It didn’t take much time until there was 20 likeminded people in our house, and the evening was full of erotic vibe and sexy outfits.  

Birgit & her friend

 Quite many women had chosen a more revealing costume, but all in all, people were dressed quite normally. There wasn’t a separate theme party anyway, but it would’ve been a great idea. At some point I noticed Birgit had left with one girl to change their outfits. It didn’t take much time until they were joined by four other ladies.

Most beautiful view

Until the birthday bay aka me got to the bed, there were six super beautiful naked women who pushed me on the bed. There was also a photographer who took some hot shots as a birthday present.

 Honestly, that was the most amazing gift I could’ve imagined. It was also something hard to see in adult movies! It  was truly the highlight of the evening.

We had also chosen some sexy outfit for Birgit – she was dressed as a bride and the whole evening turned out into a bizarre wedding ceremony. We got to laugh so hard and people had a lot of fun. After a long ride to Himos, we and the whole gang decided to get a well-deserved rest. 

In heaven ?

The morning turned out to be very pleasing. After waking up and a quick wash-up, we ended up in a bed with another couple. We decided to move downstairs where we had placed a large play area. After some wild action we were joined by a third couple, so the morning was very eventful.

 For the day, we had planned three activities: climbing up the hill, smoke sauna with jacuzzi and a gathering at a local bar. Before it all, we had a nice breakfast. Man, I love those open-minded people! At a breakfast table, there were two women who had such sexy outfits. One girl was wearing only transparent black pants with nothing underneath. The other girl had a transparent black maxi dress. Man, that was amazing. I love how open you can be with these people. No one judges or criticizes you.

Good morning ;)

After breakfast we went for a hike. We decided to climb up a mountain and do a small BBQ there. Then we went to a smoke sauna that neither one of us had visited before. It was very exotic and somewhat different experience. People in the sauna and in the jacuzzi were completely naked, and of course very open-minded. There was a girl we knew from before, who was teasing two different men and finally got what she was asking for…

 Me and Birgit found the jacuzzi to be more interesting and we met a very beautiful single woman there whom we both liked very much. Birgit slowly put her hand on the girl’s leg and from there on between them. I also put pressed myself against her at certain areas and she seemed to like it. It didn’t take long until Birgit kissed her, and we were confirmed there is enough attraction to take it onto the next level. We agreed we’d meet up at the bar later on in the evening. To our surprise, we met up with her right before we left, in the shower room, where she was in action with one man. In addition, there was a woman from our neighbor house with whom we decided to get in action right away. I brought a condom, Birgit sat down on a bench. The woman bent down to kiss Birgit and I entered her from behind. Soon she left, and the new girl had finished off with the man, so I asked if I could touch her. She agreed and the next minute we were playing with her. It didn’t last for long as the shower area wasn’t that convenient, but we decided to meet up with her later in the evening. The most interesting part was that there were people taking shower at the same time we were having sex. That must have been quite an interesting view to look at. 

 It was time to head back to the house to get ourselves ready for the evening with other people from our house. Soon there was a knock on the door and there was a group of people who was walking from door to door to meet new people. There was a similar gang joining us later on. It is very normal during these events that people move around and mingle with people. But as the area is also used by normal people who aren’t into swinger lifestyle, we agreed all the included houses would place a white element outside the house for distinction. We had a white scarf that invited people to come in.

Me and Birgit decided to visit our friends from another house to go altogether to the bar. We sat down and started to observe people. The seating place was ideal – we got a clear view of everyone there. We also saw the jacuzzi girl and agreed she would come visit us. We also mingled with a very attractive couple who were still unexperienced and kept a low profile. Now we got a great chance to mingle with them and it seemed there was a mutual connection.

We decided to head back to our house and see what the night had to offer. When other people had also come back, some people decided to do a product demo, meaning they had brought many sex toys with them and they wanted to share these with us. The first item as a regular massage stick that is not only meant for the intimate areas but also for the entire body. At that night, it was a stick massaging the pussies of many women. We found also a volunteer who enjoyed the device loudly and with pleasure. It didn’t take much time when the clothes started to fall off and the product demo escalated into group sex. At some point, there were 5 couples who pleased each other.

At some point Birgit felt she was so tired, and we canceled our get date with the jacuzzi girl. I was on the contrary thirsty, but Birgit fell asleep and I laid down next to her. Everyone except the neighbor couple’s woman went for a walk so there were only the three of us. Soon I heard the woman screaming my name and I went down to check what she was up to. Plan was simple, as she had laid down naked on the play area. As it is important for me and Birgit to always be active in the same room, I invited the women upstairs. It was actually a very pleasurable calm sex before the sleep.

The last morning our thoughts were already on our trip back home, so I didn’t play with anyone else than my dear Birgit. If anyone was wondering, if there was any snow in Himos, then no, there wasn’t, but it sure was slippery.

I also mention that this event took place in October 2016. 

See you soon ;)


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