Let me tell you about our second Ibiza trip. Our first trip to that amazing island happened a year before, where we also got a little taste of the swinger world for the first time. We started with nudist beach and ended up in a hotel room spending a passionate night with Pamela.

 The same night startled many important things in our lives. First and most important, it was the night we conceived our son. And secondly, it was the night we started our swinger life which we have been living for a year now. Swinger lifestyle and a child, as odd as it may seem, changed my opinion about an important part between a man and a woman. Before I met Birgit, I didn’t think I’d ask anyone to be my official wife for the rest of my life. Never say never.

Today (year 2016), we are engaged, and plan to get married on Ibiza in a about one year. That’s partly thanks to the swinger life, which has made us so much more open with each other and sure that neither one of us will ever cheat. There has never been so much trust and understanding in our relationship than now, and this is the foundation of every relationship.

 But, back to our second Ibiza trip, which was the most international swinger experience we’ve ever had and of course, included a lot of sex. We did our research before the trip and contacted the owner of the only swinger club in island, Liberty Club Ibiza and during our first night in Ibiza, we visited the club to find out what it was all about. We also got a chance to check out the place during daylight. The rules were similar to Wildclub in Finland, where no photos and videos were allowed, so unfortunately, we don’t have much photo materials of the club itself, but few pictures from their homepage.


 The club was very sexy, and you could tell that people had really worked for the result. When entering the gates, you could see a straight alley with stairs in the back that led to the floor downstairs.

Way to the "Heven or Hell" :D

There was a dance floor with a pole and a cage surrounded with bars. We decided to see the more hidden places and found very interesting corners, some playrooms were more private, and others a bit less. I didn’t keep an eye on them in detail, but it seemed there was something for everyone.

Bar & dance floor

There was also an interesting chair for a single lady with a surprise “stick” that would make every  female smile for sure.

Or you could just find a nice bed or an area, where to have fun as a couple. We found areas that were meant for 4+ people the most suitable.

Bigger bed

In addition to various attractions there was option to have a shower, and other interesting equipment. As we had a long day with two flights behind us, we didn’t do much the first evening, except met the club owner who is a very nice and polite person.


Interesting area :)


The next day we met up with a couple who were also tripping around in Ibiza and we decided to go to the beach. The weather was so hot and the girls at the beach even hotter. I love how swinger life living girls never have a problem with being on the beach with naked boobs and massage sunscreen on each other. In the end of the day we were so tired that we just headed to the hotel and woke up the next morning.

Love Ibiza



"YES" ring :D

The second day and evening in Ibiza was a pretty special one for the two of us. I had planned a romantic dinner in a very nice restaurant. After the dinner I took one step closer towards our future and asked Birgit to be my partner forever. Fortunately, she said YES, and this means we will be back in Ibiza in about a year for our wedding. 


 After the romantic dinner we decided to go and have fun. We headed down to the Liberty club again, where we were supposed to meet up with our Romanian friends and a couple from Switzerland. We were the first ones to arrive and got to spend some time just the two. The others also arrived one by one.

Beds for everyone

A little chit chat, music and dancing, and the six of us decided to go and have some fun in the playroom. Our experience didn’t differ much from the previous ones, but I have to say that the Romanian couple female partner was very slim and pretty and the male was in very nice physical shape also. The Switzerland couple male looked exactly liked Vin Diesel, at least according to Birgit, who she also happens to adore.

Birgit with the "EGG"

The girl had nice silicone boobs that added playfulness to all the participants. After some fun our night was over, and we headed down to our hotels. The next evening, we decided to go listen to a great performance in one Ibiza nightclub. Before the trip, we had made ourselves cards with our contacts on it, because in swinger clubs, it is quite normal not to have a phone with us, and it is hard to exchange contacts at the right time.


 We had spent only half an hour in the club, when we both noticed a couple, where the woman was as if walked out of a calendar. She was so hot, and we decided to give them our card to see if they have heard anything about swinger lifestyle and if they were interested to get to know us more in depth. Birgit was the one who went down and gave her the card, but unfortunately, they were not interested. On the other hand, the woman was very positively surprised and later on gave a big smile to Birgit.


 When we sat down at a bar, we noticed that a very cute bartender’s mood seemed kind of off so we decided to give her also our card and make her evening a little more positive. The card we gave her was rather a special one and it ws ment only for girls, where we had written down our wish what we would like to do with her. We had a slight problem, because the girl only spoke Spanish, but the card was written in English. Her colleague helped her out. You can imagine a situation where to two bartenders are looking at a bizarre card with “Threesome with you” written on it, and also other additional wishes regarding what we would like to do with her. Unfortunately, her answer was also a polite no. We didn’t hand out more cards that night. There was an attractive girl dancing who Birgit really wanted to get to know better, but we couldn’t get a hold of her so we never know if she would’ve been interested or not.

 The next day we decided to visit Liberty club again. We met a new couple who didn’t have a former swinger experience but who really wanted to try. We found a room and one point, another “vanilla” couple joined us. It all started very nicely and the whole gang was very open-minded. I had spent some time with one of the couple’s female partner, when all of a sudden, they stood up and left me and Birgit alone. It turned out, they still weren’t ready for this. No problem, you can never force these things and where else to swinger experience than not in a swinger’s club in Ibiza. We didn’t do much anything at the club that night, because well, it still felt a little weird with being left standing during a foreplay.

 The next morning, we got a text from a Turkish couple that they noticed us at a party and wanted to meet us. I instantly started planning a little get together, where I wanted to invite those couples we had met during the trip. After an hour I decided to book a villa for 10 people. The villa was quite ok, had a small pool in the back yard and 4 bedrooms. In addition to our new friends we also had met a couple, who live and work in Ibiza part time. They preferred to meet only the four of us and a bit earlier than other guests. So very soon, the doorbell rang, and our new friends were there. It didn’t take much time when someone asked: “Shall we also see the bedrooms?” The man and woman were very active and honestly, Birgit hadn’t been so active herself before. French guys do know what they do. Birgit also couldn’t complain about the size of his dick. All and all, we had a great sexy get together and everyone were pleased.

After this, we met up with the Turkish couple in a restaurant close by, where we had a dinner and headed back to the villa. Foreplay remained short also this time and the male partner got Birgit moaning quite loudly. He was also very well equipped and his movements slightly resembled a sewing machine.

 Very soon the doorbell rang again – the couple from Switzerland, couple from Romania and a couple from Belgium arrived. Our idea to organize a small get together ended up in a house full of sexy and horny people. As Birgit had literally went through a tornado, she wasn’t able to have more sex. Actually, the sex part ended for the both of us – my experience with the Belgium part wasn’t going to happen, because Birgit wasn’t available. The party, or should I say sex, lasted for a few hours and soon the couples started to head to a party or home. We decided to stay in the villa until morning.

No idea who he is :D :D :D

 During our last day we visited the nudist beach, where we also spent time with Pamela the last trip. There were quite a lot of naked women and men. Although the majority were of course men, but that is not a problem to us. No one didn’t do any nasty stuff and it is okay when someone peeks at us some point.

 We decided to spend our last evening again in Liberty club, where we met a Mexican couple with whom we had chatted a little before online. Turned out they hadn’t switched couples before, but they also didn’t say they want to try it. We agreed that the girls can begin and we’ll see if we join them or not. The girls got more and more horny and at one point, we were in bed the four of us. Oh, that woman, she was so thirsty! The man finished quite fast but the three of us enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. We were in relatively public bed and people were walking constantly by. The Mexican woman pleased Birgit with her tongue and I fucked her as hard as I could at the same time. She was very pleased and after our session we were all too tired to hit another round. The Mexican couple was also the last couple we met during our amazing trip in Ibiza.

NB! This adventure took place 2016/09, so we did not get engaged right now :D

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