I’m gonna share something personal today that is a major part of our lives. Me and Birgit haven’t shared an important news with you – we’re going to be parents :) yes, Birgit is pregnant since the first night in Ibiza. Weird, isn’t it? For many conservative people we might now seem officially the crazy ones, but it is our life and neither one of us see any problem with pregnancy and our common interest. Maybe you know that many pregnant women tend to be sexually more eager than usually.

  Like every other woman she is a very beautiful mom-to-be and we knew we had to capture this also on the photos. Nowadays, all the future mommies and daddies take their photos at a professional photographer. We wanted to do a photoshoot too but decided to do it a little differently. Because there are so many “different” options, we decided to do it in Wildclub. We got in contact with the owners and it turned out that it is possible to rent out rooms exactly for such purposes. We discussed our idea wih the owners, and they found it intriguing, too. We contacted a hobby photographer we had met recently, and the club owners also invited one photographer to help out. In addition, we asked one couple to join us. As a result, we had the place, people and the photographers and were ready to shoot!

 About a month before we visited various erotic shops for suitable clothing for our photoshoot. I have to admit, it isn’t an easy task to find sex clothes for a pregnant woman. Fortunately, after some searching, we cobined few outfits and were ready to roll. In parallel to our photoshoot idea we got another interesting one. Although we had discussed previously that we probably woudn’t invite people into our house for sex, I offered Birgit that we should do a Wildclub photoshoot with three different couples and then come back to our place later on. Birgit was not sure about it at first but after some time, she agreed to it. We have enough space in our home, but we still started to wonder where exactly all the sex should happen. We decided to buy some mattresses and changed lights to more erotic red ones. I have to admit our home instantly became a sexy playroom.

Our naughty bedroom

The majority of the floor was now a bed and the red lightning on the white mattresses gave it a very erotic effect. It looked like the playroom from “50 Shades of Grey” movie, only without the erotic attractions. There is one similar accessory in the room, but we don’t use it that often.

We were quite excited on the shooting day. Although I had searched for some photos to illustrate the positions we’d like to shoot ourselves in, I didn’t find any that was appealing enough. As a result, we decided not to plan anything beforehand, but instead use our imagination and let the professionals guide us.

We have been three times in Wildclub, but it was the first time we went there during daytime. It was very different to see no one walking around naked. We were welcomed by one of the owners, who is very positive and kind person. Everyone else had arrived as well and the photoshoot could finally begin. The girls headed straight to the changing room and started trying on different clothes. I decided to check out the house.

Picture from future ;)

 In the middle of the hall, there was the female favorite Sybian machine that I had recognized in earlier parties. Sybian is something that all men fear of, because when a woman truly enjoys it, there is no need for an actual dick anymore. The only negative side, according to the club owner, is that is not the best device for an apartment, as it is quite noisy. I will let Birgit sit on top of it in near future too, but not when she’s pregnant, and I’d definitely love to hold the remote control in my own hands when she uses it.

Pregnant girl in jail :D

 The ladies were ready and the first “jail cell” shooting place was covered with lights. Thick chains fell down the ceiling and Birgit grabbed them and simply stood in the middle of the room. The photographer noticed it and started looking for a suitable position for Birgit. The jail setting didn’t allow much smiling and thankfully Birgit managed to remain as serious as she could. Later, she wondered how she looked so sad on the photos, but I told her that I would be more worried when I would’ve seen my pregnant woman in sexy lingerie, chained in a cell and next to all of it, smiling. The photographer knew exactly what he was doing and that enthusiasm he had while shooting, was very impressive. Half of time he was simply on the floor and shooting. The other photographer also took various photos and one example is seen here. 

Bad girls

 The majority of photos were taken only with Birgit, but very soon, the other two horny women joined her. The girls didn’t agree on their outfits beforehand, but it turned out they matched perfectly with each other. The girls were having a lot of fun! Here is also another photo that gives the impression of what it all looked like. Three girls chained to the ceiling and to a rock. Photographer clearly enjoyed his work and it seemed like the photo shoot lasted forever. When the girls had to take positions that weren’t that comfortable, the photographer showed them a photo where he had to light his head on fire to get the perfect shot.


Mirror - mirror on the wall ...

From the prison cell we moved on to the “mirror room” where we had the first swinger experience with another couple. That room has its own charm and doesn’t leave anyone without an emotion. But there’s only one thing – it is impossible to do a photo without the photographer staying on it. The photo shoot went on in other rooms as well and in the end, the photographer asked: “Shall we do some more extreme photos, too?” When the girls agreed, we found an interesting chair, where one girl sat down.

Picture from behind the scene

 The other girl found a whip, so I grabbed it and started to play with it. I spanked her ass with it and I could instantly see from her eyes that she loved it. Her face was just glowing, and her eyes sparkled up. As it was a first time I spanked anyone with a whip I was a little scared to hurt her, but she encouraged me and asked for more. As the photo shoot had lasted for a few hours, the models got tired and we decided to go to our place.

Kisses ...

It was a beautiful spring evening and we had bought some BBQ stuff for dinner. I cooked some nice juicy steaks for our guests. Well, sex is a great thing, but you need energy and power to get into it. We were having a great evening and soon we looked at the first photos from our session. I’m so glad we did it in Wildclub, because we would have never found such a venue from anywhere else. These photos are of course not meant to be shown to our kids or relatives, but for selective eyes only. It is important to remind yourself that you only live to yourself and when you are lucky to have such friends like we do, you are not scared to show these XXX photos also to them.

Awww ....

I started to change the setting of the room to a sexier vibe. One of the girls told me the day after that she noticed me doing it and realized what’s about to go down. Soon the girls decided it is quite boring to wear regular clothes and changed their outfits to a more sexier ones. We had purchased a leather skirt and a bra for Birgit that looked so attractive on her with her cute belly. One girl had a black leather skirt that was a little revealing and didn’t leave anyone unnoticed. The second girl had a cute maid costume that added some fun role-play moment to our evening.

It was the time to bring out the mattresses. I laid them on the floor and started to put sheets on it. Of course, my personal “maid” helped me with it – and when she bent over to put on the sheets, I couldn’t help but notice her beautiful pussy underneath her dress. I can’t let Birgit wear this at home, it would be just too hard to resis her. In a flash, our sex dungeon was ready and the show about to start.

I began with Birgit, because it seemed she needed some pampering after the long photo shoot and moved down to her pussy to give it a wet kiss with my tongue. At the same time, I tried to get a picture of everyone else, too and as I finished with Birgit, I just sat and admired the view. It was one thing seeing everyone around me having sex with each other, but a totally different one to see it at my own home. I just loved it! When our neighbors would have known what the room looked like and what was actually happening there. Fortunately, I don’t have to tell that to people who wouldn’t understand, and probably some of our friends wouldn’t get it either, but this is the secret me and Birgit have and that’s how it will remain in the future.  

I went back to the action scene and one of the girls grabbed my cock instantly, put it into her mouth and started blowing it hard. Me and Birgit both were in action with the other women and at some point, it wasn’t about swapping the couples, it was a real group sex. I have noticed with time that I am more attracted to these situations, where everyone is involved during sex. It is hard to estimate how long it all lasted, but I’d say it was a few hours session, where partners were actively being swapped.  

Sex swing

We took a moment to rest and then it was time to try out an attraction we had purchased online, a sex swing. Practice makes perfect! One of the girls was ready to try it out, and at the same time, when her partner was in between her legs, I went next to her mouth with my hard cock. Swinging got an entirely new meaning, and everyone seemed to be pleased. Birgit also took a few photos of the activity. The only thing to mention about the swing is that you need to be in a very good physical shape when using it, and I have to admit mine isn’t as good to last there long enough. Also, the one who gets on top of the sping, has to be somewhat sporty. But it was still so exciting!

It seems that with time our life is more filled with these sexy adventures. It would be so wrong to complain and there’s actually nothing left but to appreciate it and enjoy!

This photoshoot happened 2016, so today she is not pregnant and our boy is totally fine ;)





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