Exactly a month after we met Pamela in Ibiza and I can assure my relationship with Birgit has only gotten stronger after that. Of course, everyone has a right for their opinion about certain sexual preferences, but I have come to a strong statement – if you have a woman who is willing to try out new things with you and does it with passion, you are a fool if you ever let her go. I have decided that our paths will never apart against our wills. I have no interest in ever cheating Birgit with another woman.

 When on our trip to Ibiza we met Pamela in Tinder, then our new “main character” came into our lives through Internet and to many Estonian readers well-known “pink world”. This is a confirmation to us that a couple is very likely to meet a single woman. We had been using a couple of adult pages since summer and were looking for a suitable partner. It wasn’t easy to find someone to be suitable to as and bold enough to meet with us. There were several couples who were willing to do this, but this wasn’t quite what we expected. We were still looking for a single woman, but it seemed quite impossible, until it wasn’t… :)

 Few weeks ago, we found one Estonian girl's account who lives in Finland, which was perfect for us as we find ourselves in Estonia less and less these days. Looking at the profile me and Birgit decided we should ask who she is, because there wasn’t much information about her. In addition, there were no photos of her and the reason why we wrote to her seems unreasonable to us both right now. We never choose to write to someone who doesn’t have any photos of themselves, because these accounts are usually fake ones. This time, Birgit wrote a very appealing question: “Are you willing to give my husband a proper birthday gift ?”, and that’s exactly what she wrote. I have thought for a long time now that material gifts are so pointless, because it is the emotion that actually counts, and if it is a positive one, it will stick for a lifetime. Simply an item can be destroyed or forgotten within seconds, but that’s not the case with emotions. Emotions stuck for forever and you can always bring them back with your thoughts whenever you want to.  

As we had sent out quite a lot of letters to women in such portals, we didn’t expect to receive any answer. To our surprise, we got an answer on the same night. The offer seemed quite interesting and she asked what kind of a gift that would be. I am not going to rephrase the whole chat but after same time we asked for a photo after what we both decided we sure want to meet her :) As Birgit didn’t believe it is the right person we finally could set a date. Few hours before the date we sent her another message to make sure our date is still happening and got a positive answer. The girl also asked what to wear, and we answered that I am wearing this and Birgit that. That came to her as a big surprise that I am coming too, as she thought she is only going to see Birgit. Fortunately, that didn’t change anything, and she was still okay to meet. To think back right now, it is absurd that I was going on a blind date with my girlfriend :D

I haven’t had many situations where I hold my partner’s hand and walk into a caf'e to wait for our new potential sex partner. But that’s exactly what happened that night. We gave her our phone number, so she could call us if she was late or was not able to make it. We were supposed to meet at 7PM and when the time was approaching we both were wondering whether there would be a man entering the door and thinking: “ha, those two idiots are expecting to meet a hot babe, but that’s never going to happen”, or that our date would be a totally different preson who would make me infertile by only looking at her.

At 7:05PM Birgit’s phone rang. I understood instantly that our date was still on – it turned out she was parking her car and asked where exactly we were located. Oh, I still remember that feeling I had – waiting for someone who you could be having hot sex very soon :) 

So, welcome our new blog character, who we will name Maimu :)

 As she arrived I went to get some tea and coffee to let the girls get some time to mingle. I think it was necessary because when I got back the vibe was very pleasant. Birgit had already briefed Maimu that our last partner (Pamela) thought such chat made her feel like she was at a job interview. In some ways, it is like a job interview, because you do want to find out who the person actually is. Maimu was very friendly and we didn’t have any awkward moments. We were talking for almost an hour which was exactly suitable for our first meet-up. We had been talking on sex topics quite often lately and that probably showed from our behavior also. Later on, Maimu really liked that and it was something that actually made her to agree to all this.

 After the date we were walking together towards the parking lot and me and Birgit both let her know we’d like to see her more. Maimu was very neutral and we agreed she’d take some time to think about all this. In the evening, we discussed whether we should apologize for the situation where we both met up with her, and so we sent her a letter telling we were sorry and that we were still interested in meeting up with her.

We got a quick answer that wasn’t as neutral as during our date. Turned out that Maimu wanted to see us, too. After some e-mails we agreed we would meet in three days. Interesting part was that we found out that Maimu isn’t single and that she has a kid and a man at home. I will explain this right now – we later understood why she agreed to meet up with us and we don’t judge her at all. That relationship was dead for a long time already and didn’t include any sex or passion what so ever. Women do need more than just a male partner next to them, they need love, sex and support, and Maimu’s relationship lacked all of such aspects.

As Maimu needed to get out of the house on Saturday, she said to her boyfriend that she was going to Birgit’s birthday party, which actually was my birthday :D I thought our date can’t happen in a hotel room which is why I decided to book a cottage (or a mökki in Finnish) an hour drive from the city, where we could spend the entire night. Now we had a place and a girl, so we were waiting for Maimu’s answer.

As meeting with Pamela was in a different environment, I thought we needed something to break the ice between us, which is why I came up with the classic ‘spin the bottle’ game. I only needed to write down the tasks. I started with very simple ones and moved on to more passionate and crazy ones. When I was writing down the tasks I can’t lie I was already picturing the whole scene in front of my eyes. When I showed them to Birgit, she said that half of them are pointless, because we would then be having sex already. Yes, she was right, and the game needed some alterations. Writing this now after our trip – it still needs some more :)

I got 25 different tasks that started out with simple hugs and ended up with hands under the shirt. If anyone is planning to have a threesome for the first time and is looking for a game to do that, ‘spin the bottle’ is the perfect one to break the ice. Tested and approved! 

 The important day arrived and our morning with Birgit was quite regular. There was that natural excitement inside me but how do you show that to your girlfriend? She is smart enough and understood what was going on but didn’t pay much attention to it. We took a shower and shaved ourselves just in case we were about to have sex. We don’t like the old-school bush and prefer a clean and shaved body.

We packed bed linen and sheets, a regular board game "Scrabble" and went to the store to buy some food and drinks. Then we picked up Maimu. Until we saw her, there was still a chance she would not show up, but everything went well. I can’t lie – I was quite excited and that made driving a little difficult. To my surprise, Birgit was as calm as a rock – I don’t know if she’s a good actor or she actually felt calm, but that confidence was awesome! It took us about an hour to drive and when we got there, we found in front of us exactly the place we needed.

Our cottage

 It was a small, block of flats type of house, where we were the only ones, without any neighbors. Women started preparing some snacks and it all seemed very natural to me. I couldn’t stay calm because I was constantly thinking I’m about to have sex with two beautiful women. It wouldn’t be the first time, but I just couldn’t stay as calm as these two. It was however important to emphasize that there weren’t any awkward moments, and everything went very well. I opened a bottle of light alcohol and we just sat and talked a little. I don’t remember what we were talking about because I was clearly thinking about something else…

We then decided to play Scrabble, where my wife was beating everyone’s ass. As I said before, she was so damn confident that night that I still wonder where it all came from.

Naughty Scrabble :)

Maimu was also so brave – just imagine being 100km away from home with two total strangers. You need to be a psychic to let yourself be dragged into the forest like that. Thus, the only one who seemed to be not handling the situation very well was me :D :D :D 

 Back to board games. After some rounds we were talkative enough to start playing ‘spin the bottle’. I am not going to get into detail how it all developed but at some point, spinning the bottle was not necessary anymore – when someone got a task to put their hands under the shirt, there was no shirt to put the hands under. In short, the good old game worked as a charm and broke the ice between all of us.


Spin the bottle ...


 The women got along with each other very well and I couldn’t tell that Maimu didn’t have a threesome experience before… I also can’t count the time and amount how much sex I had with both of them, Birgit and Maimu, but the night was so full of pleasure and sex that I still get a boner just simply thinking about it.  

Morning arrived, and Birgit knows how important morning sex is for me. I didn’t want us to pack up and leave right away and wanted to enjoy both of them a little more. I was sleeping together with Birgit and Maimu was sleeping next to us in a separate bed. When I woke up, I felt it is the time to start touching my beautiful woman. Halfway through sex, Maimu woke up and joined us. The morning marathon began… full of hot, steaming sex.

Birgit is warming up Maimu ;)

At some point, Birgit focused entirely on Maimu and I took her from behind. Birgit told me that her body can’t take it anymore and she needs to recover. As it was quite a challenge to give Maimu an orgasm, I was fucking her hard for quite some time. To my surprise, Birgit sat next to us and just watched us having sex.

I’m not sure how it is to watch your boyfriend having sex with another woman in front of you, but it seemed not to be a problem. I believe the knowing that I’m still going to be his man after this is something that enables to cope with such situations. If that night didn’t prove how strong our relationship is, I don’t know what does. After the morning marathon I fell asleep and the girls woke up and were having a chat in the kitchen.

 When I woke up I felt I still don’t want to end this, so I asked Birgit if she joins me in another round. She said no, and I decided to try out something I had never tried before – I started pleasing myself in front of two women. It was turning me on so much and I don’t know whether Birgit felt sorry for me or she just wanted to please me, but she offered herself to end it with her mouth. But that was still not the end…

… as I still wanted more. I decided after some time in bed that one final orgasm and then that’s it. Maimu did the dishes and Birgit just supported by being next to me. After a moment, Birgit asked from Maimu: “Do you want to finish it off this time?” Maimu said yes. So, there I was, laying in between two hot women, my own woman touching me and the other one waiting for the right moment to take my cock and put it in her mouth. The last moment I remember was Birgit kissing me hard on the mouth and Maimu sucking out the last drips of me with her mouth.

Such a passionate 24hours as our second threesome experience. Maimu came and made our life far more interesting than before and we would definitely wait for our next adventure together!


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