Exactly a month has passed and surprise-surprise, it is time again to look back and write down some words. Not only for you, dear readers, but also for future us to look back and remember…

Experiences with Pamela and Maimu have taken more bold and adventurous. I remember that we both discussed we could also try sex with other couples if cannot find the right female partner. Birgit was not very sure about it, but as always, the topic needed some time to settle in. I have told her multiple times that this would be an equal option for both of us and wouldn’t bother me if another man would touch her in my presence. Easy to say and to be honest, I can’t be 100% sure it wouldn’t bother me. However, when Birgit could handle Pamela and Maimu, why shouldn’t I be okay with some mister X?  

 Few weeks ago, one man wrote to us from an adult site, who liked our photos and asked what our plans are for the weekend. He said he was going to a special club and takes a “sexy babe” together with him. I didn’t understand at all why was he telling this to us, but despite of that, I decided to Google it and found out the club he was talking about was “Wildclub”. Wildclub is a place where several adult parties take place with people who are all somewhat interested in having sex with other people or many people at once. The more I read, the more I was interested. Only three single men were allowed to the parties and others could be single women or couples. Now I understood that the man from the portal was actually inviting us to one of these parties and that he was going to the party as a couple with another girl. The reason why he wrote us was that he was particularly interested in Birgit, otherwise he wouldn’t have mentioned that he was about to go there with a “hot babe”. So if we were going there, he could get to know Birgit, too. After telling Birgit, we were both interested to visit Wildclub and soon I noticed there was another event coming, this time the theme was “Pikkujoulu”, which means Christmas party in Finnish.

Before the party we got acquainted with another couple who was hosting a warm-up party. We then started thinking what to wear, as it was still a theme party and we couldn’t go there in jeans.

Pink costume from Sex mess

Turned out that the dress code for women was sexy lingerie and for men boxers. We started looking for clothes and soon I found a very cool Christmas-themed red hat and some “pants”. I use the quote here, because after I tried them on, the pants were very tight and similarly to the pink costume we bought for Birgit from a sex mess, resembled rather leftovers than finished clothing item.

Naughty Birgit

For Birgit, we found a very sexy red lace skirt, white corset, a one-meter-long dwarf hat and super high “killer” heals, as she likes to call them. When my outfit made me look rather a clown, then Birgit was the prettiest and sexiest dwarf you can imagine. After putting our clothes on, we were ready to go to an adult party warm-up. 

We were in an elevator, when Birgit told me: “Imagine if the door is opened by someone wearing only lingerie bottoms…” When you have watched movies and seen all sorts of weird things, fantasies are very easy to start emerging. This time, the door was however opened by a woman wearing entirely normal clothes and a regular bunch of young people with a common, kinky interest. Maybe the first difference with regular people was that the one girl started trying out her outfit in front of everybody. Considering the party’s dress code of people being half-naked naked, the view was absolutely amazing. She just walked into the room, nearly naked, and asked: “How do you like it?” Me and Birgit both had that smirk on our faces and we didn’t have any problem with that. The second outfit she showed us was even more revealing – she walked into the room wearing only lingerie bottoms and a green feather boa, her beautiful breasts sticking out.

To compare the situation, we had been at a sauna party some time ago where I took the bikini top off from Birgit. I don’t know why I did, but it seemed cool at that time and she didn’t have any problem with it. Birgit was however the only girl who took her bra off that night. I know the other girls would have liked it, too and Birgit wouldn’t have been the only one naked, but I think they didn’t do it to not upset their boyfriends. It was such a shame, because one of the girls had silicone breasts. But not all of them aren’t that open-minded, and that is totally fine, too. It just shows that all people are on different levels with their sexuality. 

After the fashion demonstration we took a taxi and went to Wildclub. Halfway there someone started talking about a “Gang Bang” party, where the same girl attended. She said she had been fucked by 6-7 men at once. At first it took us by surprise, but thinking back to it, there is nothing wrong with a situation where one woman is getting a gangbang from many men at once or in a row. It was very dark when we got there, and we went straight in, so I couldn’t see much around me. We put our clothes into locker rooms, including phones. Phones, because that would be a disaster if someone was walking around and filming it all. We finally got changed – I decided not to wear my costume and go with white socks, boxers, red tie and a hat. And Birgit, as I mentioned before, nailed her costume with being the sexiest dwarf in the world.

We entered the club, and everything got more and more interesting. All of the guests were still wearing clothes, that were rather tight and didn’t include much items, but no one was naked. The party host, Ira, made a short introduction and also introduced three men in Santa Claus costumes. These men were the three lucky single guys who got the privilege to attend the party.


The place itself was awesome – the bigger room was like a regular night club, blue lights, a white pole in the middle of the room and black leather couches placed in a semi circle. Mellow music was playing and the whole atmosphere was very cozy. There was also a large sauna and a jacuzzi.


We felt more relaxed and decided to go on a house tour. Our friend showed us around. The second floor was very similar to the first but had also a bar and some private rooms. There was also a massage area that was only meant for women.


The more special area was located in the basement, where no drinks were allowed. It was rather dark and lacked air. I could name this floor the “playroom floor”. After going down the stairs, I could feel the smell of sex and also saw people having sex all over.

Bacement entrance from stairs

There were two large rooms with floors being covered with matresses and also other special rooms. “Prison cell” for example, had all the necessary equipment for “locking” someone up. I had seen such places only in some porn movies.

Prison cell

When we got there, there was a woman being chained up and a man all over her. When he saw us wathing them, he said: “You can join”. We decided to skip the invitation this time.

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall ;)

All the sex attractions that were heavily being used by people. There was also a cool “mirror room” that was basically one large mirror. When looking in front or in the back, you could see everything you did. I’ll get back to that room later on…

It seemed like we were in a movie. I never thought we could end up in such a place, but there we were… me and Birgit, almost naked and surrounded by other like-minded people.

Few toys :)

At some point, Birgit gave me sign we should go somewhere and have sex, just the two of us. It all seemed very natural and we headed back to the playroom floor. We walked around and found a large room. At first, it seemed there was one mattress to every couple but that’s not how it actually was.

Sex swing

When we layd down, Birgit just grabbed my cock and put it deeply in her mouth. It was all just so unreal – Birgit giving me a blowjob with nearly 5 couples having sex next to us. It was all very strange but kinky at the same time. Birgit seemed to enjoy the situation, so I decided I should fuck my girlfriend in front of all these people. Birgit took her favorite, dog position, and I entered into her. I grabbed her ass hard and enjoyed the couples having sex around us. It didn’t bother me, it aroused me. The next moment, a woman with large boobs laid down next to us and was fucked by a handsome, tall guy. The next thing I saw was that man’s hand touching my girlfriend’s back. I didn’t know what to think that moment, because it seemed we went to have sex just the two of us. Now there was another man’s hand touching my girl. I asked Birgit if she was okay with her, and she replied with a nod. I also felt the woman’s breasts up against my leg. As the man was touching my Birgit, I also had the permission to start touching her woman, so I simply grabbed her breasts and felt her hard nipples. The situation was getting hotter and hotter and I could tell that Birgit was enjoying all this 100%. We changed positions and Birgit layd on her back. I entered Birgit again and the man started touching her breasts. I did the same to his partner. He slipped his hand further down and started touching Birgit’s clitoris. While I was fucking my girlfriend, I felt his fingers around her pussy. I decided to to do the same to her woman, so I started touching his woman’s wet pussy. It was so nice and shaved. The man ended sex with her woman and took another position facing Birgit with his big cock in front of her face. The next moment, Birgit put his dick in her mouth… We were in that moment we had talked so much about – Birgit giving someone else a blowjob while I’m fuckin her. It was incredible seeing how much Birgit enjoyed it! So there we were… Birgit on her back, another man’s cock in her mouth and fingers touching her clitoris and me deep inside her, fucking her hard, and touching another woman’s hard nipples and wet pussy. Birgit was so close, I could tell that by her breathing. With that big cock in her mouth, I thought she can’t breathe but no… her orgasm was so heavy and loud I get a boner just by thinking back to it.


It was time to rest a little, so we put put our clothes back on and headed upstairs. I could see a few couples who had seen on adult portals, but we didn’t have any interest to get to know them. We decided to take a seat on the couch and simply enjoy the music.

After some time, a couple came to talk to us. They had seen us before and came to ask if we would like to do something more with them. That was the moment we had also discussed with Birgit – how do these couples find themselves and agree on having sex with each other? After some chat I decided to be bold and ask whether they’d like to join us in the playroom. They liked the idea and we headed to a more private area. I told them we should take it easy and see where this is going. The playroom was full of people having sex with each other, so we decided to get a private room and headed to the mirror room.

There as all necessary items: condoms, lubes, paper towels etc. In the middle of the room there was a mattress that could fit 4 people. Women layd on their backs and for instance, it felt like I had been in the same situation but this time I was not with two women but there was also another man. I decided Birgit could use a slimy orgasm with my tongue as a warm-up. I headed down to her pussy and did what I had done so many times already. I know Birgit and her body so well that it didn’t take much time until Birgit started breathing heavily… I had to hold her down the surface because she started to shake quite heavily. The other woman with big and soft boobs, started kissing Birgit and touching her breasts. These were the second pair of breasts had touched that night already. With one hand I was touching my girlfriend and with the other, I was touching another woman. Birgit started to move a little and I could tell her second orgasm was very close. When Birgit finished with a loud moan, the other woman asked me: “Can I also have one?” We switched partners, so ultimately, we also lost our swinger virginity. I promised her to give my best and headed down to play with her clitoris. She was a beautiful, clean and shaved girl. While I was giving her a blowjob, I was looking also next to Birgit and saw her getting a wet blowjob from another man. It didn’t bother me. As I was having a new, unknown body and pussy in front of me, and as much as I tried, I couldn’t give her an orgasm, so I offered I could fuck her. Birgit had told me before that she cannot imagine another man’s cock inside her, but she seemed okay with it at that moment. Everything was okay until I noticed I was so nervous I couldn’t put a concom on, not even to talk about getting my dick hard again. After some time, I pulled myself together and entered deeply into her. I heard her moaning with pleasure. I also looked at Birgit and saw that she was not enjoying it as much. She was still waiting for a new dick to enter into her but turned out, the guy was nervous and couldn’t get a hard on either. She decided to give Birgit another blowjob, because sex was off the table. We however, switched positions and I took the woman from behind. Women in front of us were kissing and touching each other constantly and that was so beautiful to look at.

As the room had mirrors all over, it was as if I was in a live porn movie. The woman didn’t unfortunately get an orgasm, but I believe if we meet again, she will be far more relaxed. Birgit didn’t get to feel another man’s dick either but I’m sure the next time we meet, he will be more relaxed, too. After sex we freshened up and went back to the party. The woman was so attractive mainly to her beautiful breasts and I could squeeze myself inbetween them any other moment. But only time could tell when that moment comes again. We got so many experiences from the party that we couldn’t even dream about before. So, we decided to end the night, changed our clothes, ordered a taxi and drove back home.

In a conclusion, I can tell that our Christmas party was the best event in our lives so far. The place was amazing, people were so cool, and the whole club had all necessary rooms and items needed for a sexy adventure. I believe the next time we will be more relaxed and instead of fear, we will rather have interest of what might happen. Life is beautiful and believe me, it is much more interesting to live with eyes wide open ;)


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