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NSFW - Not Safe for Work - It is an internet slang that is often used to describe online posts that are mainly associated with heavy nudity, sexual, heavy profanity and other things that could often link with pornography.

Libertine - Extreme form of hedonism. Libertines put value on physical pleasures, meaning those experienced through the senses. Libertinism typically involves pursuing personal desires without consideration of ethics or social values.

About Libertine.Center - If “moral” means standards of behaviour, principles of right and wrong and “libertine” means a person, who lives in a way that is not moral then libertine.center is the portal where there is no right and wrong. We tolerate open-minded people and encourage them to express themselves to other like-minded users.

Libertine Center is unique online community for adults that includes swingers, exhibitionists, voyeurs, hotwives, cuckolds, bulls, BDSM kinksters, sugar- babies and daddies all together as libertines. If you have it inside you, libertine.center is the place for you!


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